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pinterest tricked me into thinking i would be good at crafts. GOOD ONE, INTERNET.
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  • in your (my) face! $2 face toner

    I’ve been hearing things about how great witch hazel is for your skin for years, but completely ignoring them.

    until 3 days ago, when i was at walmart. there i was, looking for one specific item, when it occurred to me that i felt blue and should probably buy things to have a nice relaxing afternoon, complete with a bath and things to make me look more like a super-model than i already do.

    enter the giant bottle of witch hazel, which i found right above the bubble bath. i decided to try it, because since moving south, my skin has been ridiculous. i mean, it’s not as bad as high school, but still worse than i’d like. i’m 24. shouldn’t my skin be glowing perfection by now?

    fancy trick i learned: you can find a big bottle of witch hazel in the spa part of walmart for 5 or so dollars. you can find the same size bottle (and same ingredient mix, i checked) in the first aid/pharmacy section by the rubbing alcohol for $2. that’s a savings of $3, which could buy you a whole extra bottle of witch hazel, or in my case, aloe infused socks and a sample size of foot lotion.

    i’ve been at it for 3 days now, and it is seeming to make a difference. i’m going to withhold complete judgement for another week or so, because i guess any number of things could change your skin in 3 days. but it’s definitely clearer. my skin is prone to dryness as well, and the WH seems to have balanced that out a little better than other toners have done in the past.

    all in all, i think i’ll probably count this as a success.

    and in case you were wondering, my last crockpot recipe was good, not great. a little on the thin side. can’t win ‘em all, i guess.

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